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10 April 2017 @ 01:16 pm
After the new lj TOS i imported the whole journal on my dreamwidth account (here), i don't think i'll delete my journal but i've noticed a lot of people are migrating to dreamwidth and i don't know if lj will shut down or delete posts so i decided to use the account i made last year because you never know.
I haven't been active here and i don't think i will be there either but who knows really.
I still have to figure out how everything works but... we'll see.
02 November 2016 @ 09:12 pm
So it seems lj has its own heart button now :)

05 January 2016 @ 01:27 am
3 versions of this 'unknown' babe (supposedly Josefumi Kujo) because i couldn't choose :D
(i want to see more of him and what we got in chapter 49 IS NOT ENOUGH!)

aaand Kira!
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27 December 2015 @ 12:04 am
Non so cosa farmene quindi ecco qua.
Sono poche per poterle pubblicare su tumblr quindi :°D

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20 September 2015 @ 03:51 pm
[8] Jojo's bizarre adventures (misc. but mostly Sakunami Karera)

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19 September 2015 @ 06:05 pm
[16] Teen Wolf (Derek, Stiles, Sterek)

the twelweth is basically Dylan but well :°D
i have other icons with Allison but I'll post them later

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28 July 2015 @ 01:26 pm
LJ renovated itself and it looks good, but now it doesn't seem to be much popular anymore...it's a shame. :/
09 March 2015 @ 06:15 pm
[7] The 100


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20 May 2014 @ 11:08 pm
Some icons i made... lol who cares when?! I haven't been able to properly use photoshop in years so, yeah... OTL

(i made the last one yesterday, because the new promo for season 4 was released and i was suddenly hit by heavy Allison's feels okay. That part with the crossbow was so ...HARD to watch i had to stop the video and go to the bathroom, don't judge, i'm weak)

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